Wish List for 2008

I have given lots of thought to what I INTEND to accomplish on 2008

Whew, the list is long of all the things I would I aspire to do. As most of you know my art studies are pretty high priority, I INTEND to try to spend time drawing every week, I INTEND to upgrade to a new Mac computer and I INTEND to get know Photoshop really well and spend some time on this site the Guru of photoshop Scott Kelby and his online training. I INTEND to learn use my new SLR camera and take lots of cool shots ad share them with you.

I INTEND to get corrective laser eye surgery, cause I am right up there with Blind as a BAt Beth...

Fitness wise I have organized a calender in my bath with a pen and a measuring tape, I INTEND to record my workouts fro the year and keep track of my body measurements and I INTEND to ignore my weight.

I INTEND to try to HONOUR my friends and myself and try not to spread myself too thin.

It is easy to underestimate the influence of our surroundings on our identity and the changes we have experienced in our life recently moving 3 times in 5 years, has made me fell a little less sure of myself. If that makes any sense at all... I INTEND to work hard at trying to be MORE ...well more ME, to feel more comfortable in my own skin, to not worry about being different, to give myself permission to just be ME, to NURTURE the creative and a little weird self that is well...just ME.

Relationship wise, aren't we all striving continually for that connection and balance that makes us happy? I INTEND to be more HONEST and open in our relationship to stop trying to be super woman and to ask for more help when I need it. TBG and I are planning a "retreat" in the next little while. We are booked to go to a local spa town for a two day getaway without the kids to spend some quality time together and to do some important work. We INTEND to put our THOUGHTS together to make a personal, family, and financial map of our 1-3-5 and 10 year goals. I must confess it all began with the top 100 things I want to do before ...well whatever... kind of kick started us into motion...(I would highly suggest it BTW.... )

With my kids, I INTEND to continue to work on patience and being more present with them in a way that is NURTURING for them. Also I INTEND to continue to share my passion for art with the children and to find a great source of chapter books for R. We INTEND to pick a unit of study for the kids and plan our family travel holiday around it this summer.

*Letting out of breath and anti-climactic silence...*


Sarah said...

I love them all! And very inspiring for me as I have been thinking about the new year/new start/new resolutions lately too.

oreneta said...

Heather, check out Chinaberry.com, their website is good, their catalogue is better...they are a fantastic source for reviews of thoughtful kind books that are fantastic reads for kids. They are unfortunately in the States, and I do buy from them periodically to help keep the company going. Also, check out the "Sister Wendy Beckett" books for very child accessable art books...Oooooh, I have to go order one, sh*t, forgot to do that...

If your going to get through that hundred...you need a plan. Enjoy.

Beth said...

Your intentions are all "honourable" and doable.
I think the most important one is the "being me," the feeling comfortable in your own skin one. The others will follow from that.

Having said that, I would NEVER have a measuring tape in the bathroom...


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