So last year I had three Celebrate, Wait and Create.

It was nice, succinct and even better it rhymed...

After some reflection this week I have jotted down some of my hopes and dreams for 2008 in the last post, of course I forgot to include some stuff, German lessons and incorporating some charitable work into my life, but after all that ruminating, I realized the very kernel of everything I would aspire to this year comes down to one thing.

Living in a grounded way with vision and great Intention.

I INTEND my Mantra this year to be, to walk, to act, to do, to give, to love, to LIVE with INTENTION.

*Wish me luck*


Sarah said...

Good luck!(but you don't need it!)

oreneta said...

So neatly put...live a thoughtful life. Yes indeed; and I posted about toilet paper. Hmmm, I wonder what THAT says.

Beth said...

I do wish you luck - and so admire you for having such wonderful hopes and dreams.


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