Celebrate, Create and Wait....

I know this is really REALLY late but better late than never.

New Years Resolutions 2007


To remember and celebrate all my nearest and dearest’s anniversaries and birthdays…(I am HORRIBLE at this and am either never organized enough or remember WAY to late…) So anyone whom I have ever offended by this please forgive me and realize it is nothing personal just someone who can never really seem to get their act together!!! This involves getting a list from everyone and marking it on my calendar …so if you read this and you are one of those please email me your dates!!


To try to do something creative EVERY day…writing, drawing, painting, photography, sewing, cooking. I have realized how much this satisfies me and enriches my life.


Try to be in less of a hurry for myself and …especially for my children. I am forever rushing them. Be calm and savour.

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oreneta said...

What brilliant resolutions... I think I may adopt them...How is the little girl doing? Feeling better?


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