Things to do before I die....1-20

Crazy busy with volunteer commitments, so I am sneaking in an hour for myself to blog...heheheh...

Just read about a very cool blog just published into a book, called "to.do list" ...kay does not exactly sound very exciting, but if you check it out, just behind the trailers for the book you will find someone's "List of 100 things to do before they die"....very interesting and..well... made me think.

Check it out here. I don't know about you, but I LOVED it...

SO I am going to try to do the same thing, but I figured in installments...let see here goes.

Things to do before I die 1-20

  1. Learn to type without looking.
  2. Sail around the world
  3. Build an ultra modern house
  4. Finish the old house we already have.
  5. Design and build a conservatory
  6. Invent and perfect a voice recognition software package for writing (for dyslexic boobs like me)
  7. Read 5 pieces of literary classics from 25 countries
  8. Learn to paint like a master from the Renaissance
  9. Have an art show at least once a year
  10. Relocate an old coach house, design it to be a studio guest house
  11. Hold my grandchildren...(rushing it I know...)
  12. Dream up and execute the million dollar idea
  13. Collect and sell antiques
  14. Paint
  15. Open a Gallery
  16. Get very fit (like rockin' fit)
  17. Run a marathon
  18. Do installation art with video.
  19. Learn to paint portraits like a master...like in my sleep
  20. Live in India



Anonymous said...


No small list that.

let me know how it goes...

oreneta said...

O my goodness gracious...if anyone can do it it's you...that's one ambitious list!

sarah said...

That is an impressive list...can't wait to see the next 20.

I hear ya about the crazy busy thing...Phew!

Nomad said...

Trish...ok its a WISH list right??
Gotta a start somewhere but I must say now that have started I am feeling a bit of pressure...gaaa..

O...thanks for the kind words...not sure...

Hi Sarah!! How are you guys doing?

Beth said...

Hey, I commented here yesterday! Must have neglected to click publish. oops.

What I'd "said" - I was thrilled to see point # 1. I am not alone.


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