Continued 100 things to do before I die 21-40....

21. Live in China
22. Take the Trans Siberian railway
23. Go to Baffin Island
24.Camp in Newfoundland
25. Cycle across a Continent
26.Learn to speak Chinese
27. Write a performance art dance
28. Meditate in an Ashram in India
29.Study under a guru
30.Take a vow of silence for one month
31.Do the Pilgrimage across the Pyrenees in Spain
32.Study Yoga for one month intensively
33.Learn photo shop inside and out like my belly button
34. Do collage art
35.Perfect photography skills
36. Sell prints
37.Write a book of short stories
38. Study world history
39. Study food anthropology
40. Study Anthropology


Beth said...

I'm glad you made it clear in your previous post (with a comment) that this is a wish list. But even my wish list pales in comparison.

Re: the vow of silence for a month? You'll definitely have to wait for the kids to leave home for that one!

c said...

You can do some of those things at the same time, which makes it more managable....

diva eva said...

jeez, you're gonna be busy!

Nomad said...

Beth, Yes a wish list...I must confess this is an interesting process... like stating intention and all that new age gobbledy-gook..

But still it is making me think about what I REALLY truly want to do...which can only be good no?

C Thanks for dropping by...care to leave a url?

Eva...yeah wanna join me? Are ya coming? :-)


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