100 Things to do before die 41-60

I must confess just looking at this list is making me tired... (Maybe that is not such a good start....)

41) Buy and run a holiday rental in Europe
42) Live in Africa
43) Design costumes for a piece of grand historical theatre
44) Kayak with my kids
45) Hike with my kids
46) Mountain climb with my kids
47) Build an igloo in the arctic and camp in it
48) Teach art to kids
49) Home school my children
50) Explore the occult
51) Try 10 different sex toys and pick a favorite
52) Visit Stonehenge
53) Attend a druid festival
54) Live like a viking for a week
56) Visit the pyramids
57) Build a global museum data base
58) Study fine art at an ivy league university
59) Design and open a public garden
60) Learn to cook Indian food


Beth said...

Okay, as inspiration this is all good. But I bet if you ended up doing just ten (out of the 100) you'd feel great.
You're tired? I'm exhausted just reading these lists.

oreneta said...

Okay okay okay, now I'm all excited...the most recent Alfred and Duguid book is ALL about cooking Indian food, and if they cannot get you on your way....

diva eva said...

I'm exhausted, but I'll see you in April!

Patti said...

I think you'd better get off you ass in your cosy little house and get to work. You have a lot to do.
My list looks more like, put the laundry away, get the snow tires put on, write thank you notes for my birthday gifts,empty the dishwasher, clean the toilet.
Good luck!

Gary said...

I hope completing your list of 100 is somewhere between 61 and 99... Interesting list. You have eclectic interests, with travel, food, arts and self-knowledge as some of the themes.

At this stage of life, my list is probably shorter and sometimes I like to list the things I've already experienced (I have been to Baffin Island for example!)

Anonymous said...

#49- you could SO do this!

#53- can I come too? It would be way cool..


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