Capitalist-Me-Generation list of 100 contd' 61-80

OK so I am completely embarrassed that the first things on my list way back at #1 were completely material and as of yet do not have any big humanitarian goals...telling (I blame our culture) ... *ahem*

Must think on that.

Maybe I should rename this list the "Capitalist-Me-Generation" list of 100 things... *blush*
Any way, more about ME...moving right along...

61) Learn to cook Asian food
62) Visit Antarctica on a cruise
63) Take opera lessons
64) Cross the ocean on a freighter
65) Live at sea for 1-3 years
66) Purge all possessions and be a nomad
67) Get a masters degree in literature
68) Get a masters degree in creative writing
69)Write poetry
70) Write a kids series of books
71) Sell my paintings
72) Learn to felt
73) Learn tantric sex
74) Learn to meditate well
75) Invent a new way to view/experience art
76) Overcome my dyslexia (completely)
77) Publish a book
78) Write a column
79) Paint with a master
80) Start an International woman’s art collective


Beth said...

Re: # 66 - you're half way there!

Just the creation of this list reveals your tremendous imagination and aspiring soul. I am so impressed.

oreneta said...

I've sent you an award my dear, hope you enjoy it.



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