Nomad's Poena and the Art Within Me

Oreneta has tagged me to talk about the name of my blog “Poena“…I am happy in fact to be persuaded out of my little lair of other-than-blogging-activity. I must confess I have been in hibernation a bit, a function of my attempt at balance as happily life has been full to overflowing lately but also a function of pre-Christmas preparations and not the least a function of the fact that I am feeling sort of discouraged about my dyslexia and the difficulty I have typing. You have no idea. I am not sure if it is symptom of fatigue but some days it is so bad the words can come out backwards. Aghh!! For any of you who thought I was kidding…NOT!! I am mulling over voice recognition software and …hmmm not sure…can you imagine??? Could be very cool or just a hassle.

The only thing I can say is for some reason in the last few weeks I am finally seeing what an insanely creative person I am and for that I likely have some function of my dyslexia to thank… otherwise I might feel kind of depressed.

SOOoooOO over to the main broadcast at “Poena” …*AHEM* (skirt smoothing)


Beth said...

I don't have dyslexia but I can empathize with your frustration typing. I think I spend as much time correcting my errors as I do typing the words I want to say. (I should have left this uncorrected for you to see...)

oreneta said...

I am not so dislexic as you seem to say you are, but I go back and forth on the errors, some days I type like a pro, some...not so much shall we say.

Anonymous said...

Ok going to check out your art work...


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