M'Kay I don't usally do this but...

M'kay I don't usually do this....

(Disclaimer....For those of you who know me there is absolutely nothing in this for me.... except to share something I think is really great...!!!)

I used to spend allot of my time as a competitive rower, took several years off due to child rearing and back problems (well that is my excuse anyhow, 'n I'm sticking to it!) and now in the process of trying to get back in shape. This summer with an improving back I went on a bit of an exercise video buying spree having learned that the best way for me to get into shape is at home, you know cut out the travel time and the logistics of child care and all of that...

I have an exercise video that I simply absolutely and fantastically, orgasmically(is that a word?) and wonderfully LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...and I figure I just would not be doing my duty as a friend, blogger and fellow sloth if I did not share it with you!!

The "10 Minute Solution" series is written in 10 minute power packed and body targeted areas. The beauty of this video series is that you can structure your exercise exactly to your needs and your time available by selecting the 10 minute segments you want to do that day. The video puts it all together for you. How perfect! The segments are so well written that even one 10 minute segment a day would make a difference.


I Have fallen hopelessly in love with this one that focuses on Pilate's but there are others too that I am anxious to check out.

Not only is the video flexible in the way it is used, the segments themselves I find to be well written and choreographed with clear and sensible instruction. It is also a no impact work out (perfect for the sloth in me) and the exercises are suitable for any level of fitness, but there is enough there to build on and perfect to continue to use over time with out getting bored. The focus is on core strength, the exercises are fun to do and incorporate more than one area of the body so appeal to the efficient (or lazy) in me... ie *As long as I am here exercising I might as well do as much as possible in the shortest time possible...*
I checked it out I see it has won all sorts of awards...no wonder!!

After looking for something like this for about 4 years I am really happy to have found it...!!!
OK enough of me blathering...you just gotta check it out here at the 10 Minute Solution site!!!


Woooooo hooooo!!!! *dancing wildly into the distance*


sarah said...

I'm like you, always trying to figure out how I can get to the gym or go for a walk with the kids in tow or if we only have a few minutes before we have to head off for the next activity. This looks great. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Beth said...

I'm going to check it out. If it's okay for your back it may be okay for mine.

diva eva said...

darling, that looks like you on the freakin cover!


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