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After much cursing and swearing over the keyboard, tears of dyslexic frustration , pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth (as noted in this post) AND much discussion with "The Big Guy" about purchasing voice recognition software as well as some poking around online and more then a little humming and hawing ...we decided that though a great idea for me to be able to write more prolifically (no promises though...) it might be just a little bit too much for us to spend for now.
A few days later I was poking around in my computer trying to do something else I discovered that indeed I have already have voice recognition software embedded in my system...and you might too!!


In the control panel you'll find an icon called "speech" and it is there that you can set up your very own voice activated dictation system . I am dictating into it right now so let's just see how it goes . So far so good; a few errors ... A couple of couple of comical mis-hearings which require editing. What I have discovered is that I have to train the computer to recognize my voice and I do this by reading several different passages from different pieces of literature. It seems as though I can read the same pieces over and over again which continues to increase the computers accuracy or I can read several different pieces of literature,when I am done the computer updates its database . There is also a tool to record specific pronunciations for words that are not already included in the computers database which I have yet to experiment with and I am also able to use a voice command for basic functions on the computer .

Of the interesting problems that have developed though, I must confess one of them being that I need silence in order to work and like any microphone worth its salt it records everything it picks up which includes scolding my children and asking them to hush up so that I can write (and you can never imagine how it translates other less odious bodily sounds...LOL) ...to needless to say I just had to delete a whole pile of gobbledygook

One interesting thing of note however is to observe the difference between composing through keyboard and composing verbally . For the moment it feels a little bit difficult and a little bit awkward to compose verbally as I feel that perhaps the cerebral processes are somewhat different, and somehow working without the visual cues of the language seems to be a it different. Anyhow I hope you'll stick with me while I work to find my way .

It's kinda cool... feels a little space-age-like but I look forward to adjusting and to using the program and increasing its accuracy as well as understanding voice command for punctuation and writing structure . I think it will be one of my goals for 2008 ... stay tuned.

*Crinkly star trek music in background...*


Sarah said...

Cool! Glad you stumbled across it.

It's interesting you mentioned the difference between composing verbally vs the keyboard, it's the first thing I thought of as I began to read your post. I'm interested to hear how you progress.

Say hi to your clan for us.

Beth said...

What a wonderful discovery! I'm going to check my computer - hope it exists on a Mac.
I'd have to have a completely empty room for this to work for me (as in, no people around). No way I'd be able to "compose" with others listening to me.

Great picture!

oreneta said...

That is so cool, your 'voice' is different when you speak as opposed to writing, it should be fascinating to see how it evolves...maybe post one unedited to see how well it works once the voice recognition bugs are out?


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