Happy New Year and Recap of 2007 resolutions...

Happy New Year everyone!!

The house is CLEAN...things are organized, all the decorations are put away and for the first time in a decade or so actually organized instead of just slung into the box any-ole-which-way.

We did a rug lifting, furniture moving, surface shining, pillow spanking, junk sorting, cobweb scaring clean up today and MY OH MY it feels spanky in here.

Thinking ahead to this years resolutions makes me want to reflect back on last years resolutions which you will find simple....as you will see if you link back Celebrate, Wait and Create...

Celebrate; Meaning every one's Birthdays...well I did simply lousy on that one, apologies all round to everyone, I guess I did manage to hit a few of you... not as good as I would like and I will keep trying this year! Ha... if you read this do me a favour and send me your dates and I will keep trying I PROMISE!!

Wait; As in be more patient D**mit...Well I am happy to say that I have done quite well on this one but not perhaps in the expected way. I do like to think of myself as a rather patient person, and I think I am, but it seems that perhaps to a fault. While I am patient, like most people there is an end to that well of patience, and like most people when that well runs dry it is not always so pleasant. Therein, it seems, lies the problem. What I have in fact discovered is that I am often TOO patient, and instead of grinning and bearing it, what I actually need to do is be LESS patient and more PROACTIVE about recognizing the internal signs of frustration and acting on them while I can still be CONSTRUCTIVE. Seems to be working pretty well so far... I am all-turned-out-proud-of-myself for that one. How is that for progress... !!

Create; I am also happy to say that in this department overall seems to be going pretty well too! Santa Claus was very, VERY good to me this year and I am looking forward to getting a little more intimate with my brand new SLR Canon Camera, keep you eyes peeled for some great new shots very very soon, well as soon as I figure out how to work it! I have also been fooling around with Photoshop and have been having salivatory dreams about the Full Monty Photoshop as I only have the "Elements" version as well as a new MAC, a must-have for creative-newbies, no?? As well I am looking forward to starting back at painting classes this week and have my sewing room all set up and ready to go, though it has a borrowed hamster in it at the moment..., with some hot sewing projects in mind (me -not the hamster).

I am so pleased with blogging, tickled pink about the VRS (voice recognition software) and looking forward to building up my art blog Poena into something formidable...as well as continuing to journal about our life in Germany and beyond at Unlikely Nomad for our family and friends back home, and sharing, well gosh knows whatever, with you here at Navel Gazing.

Soo...even though I have (as usual) put a big huge-heaping-helping of activities on my plate this year...I do want to reflect about my mental focus for the year...so stay tuned...that's the next step...

How about you??


Beth said...

Well done as to the Wait/Patience resolution. There's patience...and there's letting the geyser build up until it explodes!
Best of luck with all your creative endeavors. (Envy from my corner.)
I found the Voice Recognition Software on my Mac - now I need to find the PATIENCE to figure it out!

oreneta said...

Oooh Envious drooling salivation about the SLR...with the patience? That is what my Mom did, she'd be patient with us, grinning and bearing it, and then all of a sudden the tipping point would arrive, invisible and unpredicted and nuclear armageddon would begin...I get annoyed in smaller incriments, and tend to tell the kids outright when they are bugging me, so we are all clear when they are headed for a meltdown, and my head is about to pop off and start rolling down the street screaming obsenities....So what are this years resolutions? You remembered my B-day by the way, so you did pretty well from here.


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