Random Thursday...


Oh YES... and about the "little more harsher editing"...*yikes*
Typing in a hurry... would that be a "hurri-a-typus"?? (Pot calling the kettle black there...sorry folks!)

Anywhooo back to regular programming...We did go to the Landesmuseum in Hannover Wednesday and except for almost murdalating my kids while they goofed off and fought VERY LOUDLY while I waited to purchase a year pass... it was a good visit. The coolest part about it was in the prehistory section (we are freaky crazy about prehistory in our family) the kids got to make a stone age cutting implement using traditional materials and methods. Using a sanding stone they shaped a piece of Alder bark into a flat oval, then cutting a slot into the top edge they inserted and fastened in with tree sap a sharp flint stone...then they bored a hole with another sharp implement through the bark and hand tied the palm knife onto a string. The kids thought they had died and gone right straight to heaven!!! How cool is that!!!

On another note...a friend sent me this and I have had to watch it several times it is SO good... William Tell Overture.


sarah said...

I love the Mom Song - very funny!

Yeah, kids have great timing don't they. They always seem to wait till you're on the phone, on line somewhere, or up to your elbows in dinner preparations to have a meltdown!

Glad to hear it worked out to be a good museum visit though.

oreneta said...

A friend sent me that one too...it is fantastic...I've heard most of that said to me, and so far said a fair amoung myself...more pending.


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