Gosh guys...

SO busy.

TBG has been away for WEEKS. Yuck. 10th anniversary is coming up...Lot's of thoughts about what exactly that means...taking stock.

I have been trying to stick to my resolution of exercising (3 times a week for about 6 weeks now!!!)*pat on the back* and what with that and the kids I am SO ready to fall into bed at 10...does not bode so very well for the blogger in me.

Not doing so very well on the creative side sadly...the dishes and laundry always seem to come first... ugh.

Life though is going well, have been invited to join a book club and we read our first book, The memory keepers Daughter. OK could have used a little more harsher editing. Looking for an obscure European classic for the next one...ideas anyone?

Have volunteered to be home room mom so am organizing things for R's class. Have started a class scrapbook for both kids classes.

TBG's parents are coming next week so will be nice to see them.

We have the day off school tomorrow and hope to go to the Landesmuseum, Hannover's main museum, and we have our 2 week October break coming up in a week. We were going to try to go away but have decided instead to tour around the area, as we have not done that at all.

So FINALLY you guys can see some pics of where we live!!


Beth said...

On your own for weeks, busy, tired and still exercising 3 times a week. Be proud!
(Looking forward to seeing some pictures.)

Anonymous said...

Lucky R to have his very own mom as class mother! That sounds like a good venue for your creativity...

Misspudding said...

Oh, good for you! I know how hard it is but good job!

No ideas on the books, though. I'm not good on literary stuff.


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