On eating

Who ever wrote the Canada food guide needs to think again.

If I ate what they say I need to eat I would be the size of a house, nay a factory...

I mean really who ever heard of an entire race of overweight people??

I being, the evolutionist that I am, keep thinking if we all had to catch and clean and skin everything we ate, we would be in much better shape.


If we had to carry all the water we consumed, to forage for all the food we fed our children, the berries, grains, fruits and vegetables...

Think about that the next time you reach for a twinkie...


oreneta said...

I feel compelled to respond in defence of the Canada food guide, by which we largely eat...and we aren't whale-sized. The difficulty, to my eyes, is not the carbs, but rather the fats and sugars that we slather on them...carbonera sauce, lots of parmesan, butter and sour cream...jam, honey etc, etc, etc

Those little trianges, fats and sugars are at the very top of that pyramid thingummy, and should be eaten with enormous moderation....

Anyhoooo that's my two cents worth.

sarah said...


I don't know anything about the Canada food guide but I agree that we would be completely different people if we didn't have such easy and total access to every kind of food at every time of day.

The N. American eating habits are so terrible. I saw a commercial the other day by Taco Bell advertising a 4th meal! A 4th meal!! No wonder we, as a society, are overweight! Don't get me started!

Re your last post...I LOVE that attitude! Good for you! I agree with Oreneta. You were indeed wearing that bikini this summer and looked happy, relaxed and GREAT!

Beth said...

Oops. I love Hostess Twinkies.
However, I don't think I fit the description of the "typical people" who eat them.
(Unless that's the real me buried under this facade!)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Love that description of twinky eaters! Now how about a description of smarties eaters? Of which I am one...I'm sure you will uncover a person of outstanding intelligence *ahem*

Dorky Dad said...

I think that their serving sizes are measures in milliliters. Or would that be millimeters? I get confused.

Anonymous said...



You around? There is an award waiting for you over at The Coffee Shop.


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