Settling pains 6 things

1) I am just not sure how this all fits in. Does ANYONE want to read about Germany?? (I am not sure I do!!) Guess I need to work on the angle. ? I don’t seem to have any thoughts other than OK; how do I get in contact with Kable Deutschland cause we STILL do not have TV, can ANYONE translate this for bank statement for me (you have NO idea) do I really need to recycle ALL of that????? ?? and how ever can I avoid the wiener aisle in the grocery store.

2) I am still SO tired and getting used to the routine…up at 5:50, a story on to wake the kids up, everyone up and down for breakfast by 6:30 and out the door by 7:30 class starts at 8:20.… the child is 7!!! By 10 at night I am kacked and ready to hit the hay…and the TBG is still traveling lots.

3) The drive to school and back is beautiful… BUT it takes am an hour both ways and then some…so I am getting used to this too.

4) It was initially really great to be at an International school that was so easy to fit into, but oh my goodness it feels a little too much like home, not like I enjoyed being ignored in France but it did definitely up the level of challenge to get with the program and speak the language. There is something to be said for being different instead just being another Expat…

5) The kids are fitting in OK. Riel last week weepily confessed that his teacher just does not make him feel special and that it is nothing like being with “Annie” *sigh* and well at the end of it all he was feeling pretty left out…*crack* (my heart breaking).

He is such a sweet boy and so sensitive and even though we did not have much choice moving mid term and I knew it would be like this…kinda sucks a bit. It is not that it s all so very bad but that feeling you have when you know your kids are feeling a bit left out. It is a bit hard. I know the bright side is that he will develop these skills and mental toughness as an adult but …still… then Lily tells me she is being pinched and told she is “freaky”…again not a huge deal and there is always the question of the perception of a 3 year old…though in my experience my kids are pretty good at dealing in the truth.
Settling pains I guess..

6) On the brighter side, it is green and beautiful and I simply love the drive back and forth to the kids school. The hills are crossed with crops in an patchwork cover and are spiked with immense white modern windmills roiling through the clouds, there are bicycle paths everywhere which I am trembling to explore.

We had a lovely visit from Trisha and visited some castles and ate us a few schnitzels between us…


Beth said...

Of course we want to read about Germany! More importantly, we want to read about you - how you're doing...and how those precious kids are doing.

It seems to be going well - still more adapting, right?

You're a trooper!

oreneta said...

Oh honey, I can so relate about the teacher and the kids and the school, my heart cracked a little too reading that. There's only a few more weeks aren't there?

and Yes indeedy, I do want to read about Germany....a lot.

Sarah said...


Glad to hear you guys are ok and are settling in. I know it takes time and for some things a lot of time! You'll get there.

It is a little heartbreaking when your kids have to make these adjustments, epecially when there isn't much you can do to help. But you have great kids and they will find their place.

I would love to hear more about Germany and see some pictures.


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