Two New Favorites...

I want to share two of my favourite blogs with you that I have neglected to add to my sidebar until now, though I have been reading them for a few months now.

The Grape Journal is written by a friend of mine who lives in Burgundy, south of Dijon and whose family moved to the area from Canada the same month we did. We were able to share the growing and settling pains of acclimatising to France and compare notes on the reverse culture shock we experienced travelling back home to Canada. Like us she and her husband and their two kids plan to return to Canada some day, but for now they buy and renovate historical properties in the area and run what's locally known as "Gites", a cosy vacation house or apartment that resonates with authentic regional charm. If you want to experience the "REAL" Burgundy in all its sunny and sensory pleasures, with truly authentic food and cultural experiences, Laura and Franck's 3 Gites are right in the heart of it all. Here they are preparing to settle into a delicious meal with us!!!
Franck, who has a wealth of local knowledge, grew up in the region and still has family there and as they are well acquainted with several of the new and old winemakers of the region they can help guide you to your oeneological dreams!! In the time we spent in Burgundy have become very good friends of ours, we miss them very much but happily we can keep up with them by reading the Grape Journal!!

The next one is written by a former LA socialite now ranchers wife home schooler/writer, named Ree. Her blog chronicles her life on a vast green ranch somewhere in the middle of the USA with a whole heckuva pile of cows, some pretty good looking horse riding cowboys, including her main squeeze Marlboro Man, and passel of punk kids who also ride horses (and seemingly pretty well). Together they run the family ranch. Ree's writing style is always entertaining, often touching and she takes fabulous photos of all in her life. She can be found at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.


I am off to Canada and Chicago for a week so catch up with you in a while!!!


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