Ooh I lost it and now it has resurfaced... Plus OK *DUH* does Meme mean actually Like ME ME as in it is all about ME???

10 things about me MEME as nominated by Trisha over at Coffee House Chatter

1) I feel goofy and a little nervous revealing very much about my inner personal self (even saying that makes me feel squirmy…).

2) I am FASCINATED about anything to do with Anthropology. Love to explore these ideas in relation to cultural context and the historical/political framework in which they exist.

3) I was booted off the cheerleading squad in grade nine and when I asked the teacher WHY? (since I felt just crushed) She said “UM…cause you’re REALLY clutzy...!” *ulp* (I still can't bear to do an aerobics class, all that group kicking… )

4) One of my favourite mental themes is CONTEXT, a simple theme that can span many things.
I am fascinated by how one thing in one situation is completely appropriate and in another simply distasteful or even illegal or how different things can appear well different depending on the frame of reference. (May have something to do with my Nomadic streak?)

5) When I was about 5 or 6 we had an old claw foot bathtub on top of the cistern beside our old 1875 red insule-brick Ontario farmhouse. The old creaky house sat square in the middle of 50 acres beside an row of ancient pine trees and about 100 yards from the road. On really hot summer days my brothers and I used to fill up the old tub with icy cold water from the cistern and soap up our buck naked bottoms good so we could slide around the edge on our slippery little hineys at lightening speed. So there we were hooting and hollering like we were on some drunken merry go round and when a car would pass we would all shriek in unison ”CAR” and fall into a giggling heap of wet arms and legs into the icy cold water so we could not be seen…and then do it all over again.

6) I want to import antiques and I DREAM *sigh* of going to fine art school….so I can…PAINT, photograph, sculpt, produce.

7) Sometimes I have difficulty controlling my temper. I HATE this about myself as well as the fact that I can be an obscene perfectionist.

8) I figure good soap (L’Occittan), a good haircut and some decent shoes and the world is your oyster.

9) I made have made 5 wedding dresses for 5 of my good friends, by far the most satisfying result of an education and 20 year career as a fashion designer.

10) I can read gypsy fortune telling cards and have had some very good and VERY spooky readings.


oreneta said...

SO nice to hear from you, and I didn't know you could read fortune cards....?????

greater and greater depths.

Dorky Dad said...

You were kicked off the cheerleading squad for being a klutz? Did you get back at them for that? I would. I'd totally egg their house or something.

Anonymous said...

Controlling your temper? I don't think I have ever seen your temper...maybe that's for the better :)

And yeas those fortune cards are kinda spooky...


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