Hands off my Bagel!!

I have decided to take matters into my own hands…there are so may of you folks out there trying to shed a few pounds I have been feeling like I need to stem the tide a bit to continue to ensure balance in the universe.

I’m working hard to do my part over here.

I don’t know if it is the stress of our upcoming move or what but I have been completely unable to say no…to food that is…(I don’t seem to have may difficulty saying no to exercise though)…

Everyone is loosing weight… 7 lbs I heard someone bandy about… 14 lbs over at Attila…(lucky girl way to go..)

HEY who said that!

I think my body is the receptacle for all those shed pounds (Eeww gross…) as they seem to be appearing over here. Must be some sort of super cool new technology don’t you think? (overseas even…) Yep the fat pipeline…

One of my friends dropped over this afternoon with some home baked cookies for us…so very sweet…less than 1.5 hours later they are ALL gone. Thanks for the cookies and the thought (which WAS very sweet)….but Aghh!!

Is it true that on the weight watchers diet if you mess up and binge on something naughty it is “OK” to skip a meal as long as the total calories for the day add up to your target?

Ummm …can you like carry this total forward?

Ummm…Like how far?


Both TBG and I have gained weight since we have moved to France, (you try to live here and not indulge… ) the cheese, the wine, the pastry….Ooooohhh the PASTRY…

When we first arrived I had a pastry problem. I could NOT walk by a Patissier without stopping to sample a morsel. Do you have any idea how many Pattissiers there are where we live in France?? OMGoodness…it is endless.

I remember more than a few days of two or three stops a day…

Once I saw a female comic make a bagel out of her belly (you need some pudge for this)
…with her belly button as the hole…I laughed SO hard…so once I did it for my kids…now they will NOT let me forget it…!!

HEY!! Get your hands off my Bagel!!!


diva eva said...

why don't we have pastry shops here in chicago. Maybe it's a good thing, but I really wish we did! Mmmmm, I miss those almond cookies dipped in chocolate!
And remember I saw your bagel trick and it's awesome!!

Beth said...

Okay, I will NEVER make a bagel out of my belly. (Could but won't.)
Maybe once you move to Germany you'll shed some pounds? Don't think the food there is as yummy as it is in France.
So, eat those pastries while you can!

Nomad said...

Diva..you ARE making that up right?
(You mean I don't remember showing someone else my bagel trick...)


Beth...I bet you'll think about it for a while and then try when no one else is looking...

oreneta said...

Oooh, I know what you mean about the bakeries....Spain has their fair share...I was heading there, especially with the kids in school now, and the internet hooked up....I must confess that Chuck the new dog may save me here, he walks fast and I've been out on 5, yes 5, walks today....nothing like a dog standing at the door whining gently...

diva eva said...

yes, nomad my friend, you showed me the bagel!

Anonymous said...

ohhh I don't know...Germany's got some really yummy suasages/bread/potatoes/cakes and cookies.

Sorry that's probably not very supportive...

Dorky Dad said...

Mmmm ... bagels.

I've found that as a married couple you are only as strong in resisting food as the weakest link. Thus, if one of you wants some sweets, then both of you will end up eating them.

Nomad said...

DD OMG...Thats IT!!
Something else to blame on TBG!!

Thanks!! ;-)


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