Mother Earth

I am in constant awe of the never ending flow of energy and living things in this great world of ours. Nature is master, the power of the universe is my god.

One interdependent species delicately intertwined into the existence of another. Our planet so eloquently self designed; plant, animal, insect, creature of sea or air, ordered into a divine symphony of life, one act naturally following the other.

The great flat surface of the earth jam packed full of legs and arms, eyes and fronds, a veritable tapestry of life, living paradoxically separate and yet together.

In each layer of life can be found a profoundly delicate balance of cells, mitochondria, and electrons as each species quietly continues to evolve to its own ends.


Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it? And it all just seems to work...

Beth said...

I am so impressed - at both the writing and the thinking.
(You can write, girl - you can so write...keep going...)

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.


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