Stay tuned



I have been thinking about blogging..

I really have, but OH MY GOODNESS I/we have been so busy.
It is astonishing how much time it takes to get unpacked and caught up from a month and two weeks away...

Does anyone hate sorting through kids clothes as much as I do???

I will try to finish the posts at unlikelynomad.blogspot.ca with the rest of our trip to Sweden and a bit of a recap from our time at a cottage in Canada.

I must confess it was so very nice to be unplugged for a while, while on holidays. Soo...I guess I DO have lots to tell, just gotta get it down.

A couple of brief new things...

  • Been exercising for a week and am into week 2 of a diet (very big deal for me as it has been almost 2 years). Have not even dared get on the scales yet.
  • Am going to try to streamline my life a bit, cut away all the extra, social, financial and mental, (I'll let you know how it goes) Learn to say NO!!
  • Going to work on not yelling at the kids.
  • Going to try to read at night at least one hour.
  • Going to try to paint 2 days a week Tue and Thursday...maybe begin working on a portfolio...
  • Going to try to get back at blogging...but it is going to be down and dirty...15 minutes and a few hundred words...stay tuned.


Beth said...

Welcome back! Missed you.

Best of luck with the resolutions. You are very brave to write them down for the world (the blogging world) to see.

oreneta said...

I was wondering where you were, glad to know your back and settling. Going to visit Mathilda a lot,no?

sarah said...

Yay, you're back! Good luck on gettting settled back in and on all your resolutions.

Anonymous said...

You're home!

Yeah my KIDS hate it when I sort through their clothes...even now, because I am always saying 'try this on...try that on...' to see if things really are too small.

Good list of goals...I'll stay tuned for updates. Maybe even get incentive enough to make my own list.

Misspudding said...

Good for you. Welcome back!


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