So we are still trying to finalize our house rental in Germany. God who knew it could take so long or be so complicated. I am stressed even though I am not exactly doing a whole lot extra and am taking great solace in food (and a little wine…) Let’s just suffice by saying I am not saying NO to anything…I was even sucking corn syrup from a spoon today in search of a little sugar distraction…!!

I never drink during the day and even rarely (well… not TOO often) at night, but today had a teeny tiny (somewhat guilt laden) glass of wine with my lunch…(yes I know; slippery slope and all) …but it was with the vegetable terrine (delicious by BTW) from the weekend so it did not seem too out of place…(yes I know the rationalizations abound)

Thank GOD I have my kids to distract me from the fridge…(and the bottle of wine)

The food problem has been going on for a while now and *bulge* I keep telling my self it will all straighten itself out when we move. *sigh* It is a funny mental space to be in, not knowing how long it will be until we leave and waiting but sort of not wanting to really invest too much in current situation…strange. Sadly people do tend to back away a bit when they know you are leaving…can’t say I blame them when all is said and one with busy lives and all of that…sort of sucks still the same though. But still it will be nice to have a million things to do and new people to meet and greet. (Hey maybe I can feed them instead of myself all the time…)

On another note, we are getting ready to go to Spain to spend almost a week with Oreneta, can’t wait, we have been friends for what is now a long time and she is truly one of my favorite people, funny (very) smart(very) and sweet(very).

WE have tickets for the night train to Spain, and have a “Couchette”, a sleeping compartment with 4 beds. We could have had a 2nd class compartment with 6 beds instead of 4 less but the idea of having two strangers sleeping with us and the kids sort of creeped me out…I would be awake the ENTIRE time guarding my children. The train leaves at 1:15 A.M so we will have to get the kids up transport them to the train station and then redeposit them into their train beds. We change trains at around 9 A.M at the border, which should give us lots of time to have a leisurely breakfast and will arrive in Barcelona around lunchtime…(notice how everything is oriented to mealtimes? ) On the journey back we will spend the entire day on the train, and will change trains 3 times...yikes can you say bored kids and an antsy mom?

I will take my camera along and who knows maybe a guest post??
We shall see…gotta go and pack my bag...

Have a great week and see you all when we get back next Thursday!!!



Beth said...

Comfort food (and wine) while under stress is a good thing. The alternative is heavy duty drugs. Not so good.
Have a wonderful visit with Oreneta!

oreneta said...

I have never sucked corn syrop off the spoon, but I have drunk maple syrup straight from the bottle, like a drunk knocking back a mickey..and I have made and then eaten half a pound of butter mixed with about a cup of sugar. That's it. Like cookie dough without all the other crap. Gross, eh! It was very very good though too.

I think that part of why you have to change trains at the border is that Franco, in a bid to keep the rest of Europe, and particularily Hitler and the French out of Spain was not content to rely entirely on the Pyrinees,(sp????) but made the Spanish trains a different gage, so there is no way a French train can run on Spanish tracks. I think they are working on changing that now.

It was much easier than fighting them, especially after the devastation of the Spanish Civil War.

diva eva said...

jealous! have a fun safe time.

oreneta said...

Me again, sorry, I got the wrong 'B' named wine making region in France in my post, darn it...ah well. Here at lunch they mix the wine with fizzy water, a cruel thing to do to a beautiful burgundy perhaps, but you don't get quite so ripped.

You are too kind with your comments...


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