It is always SO nice to get home.

The weekend was great, and we are pooped.

I forgot to mention that part of the plans for the weekend included another Cordon Bleu experience. The day’s topic was Terrines. The word terrine originating from the French word “terre” for earth referring to the traditional earthen ware baking dish these delectable slice-able picnic-able morsels are baked in.

We prepared a traditional meat terrine with rabbit liver, cognac and herbs.
These are the ingredients marinating, looks sort of gross but the smell was amazing.

Before baking this terrine we surrounded it with the veinous layer of fat that surrounds a pigs stomach, which is said and I quote the chef "To moisturize and nourish the terrine while it is baking".(!!) (I have always sort of wondered what the heck that was...now I know). It is removed before eating. This terrine is rich and earthy with the flavours of the herbs and the cognac all delectably blended together.

Then we went on to prepare a vegetable terrine with the ingredients you see here.

All the vegetables are lightly cooked and then dried with a paper towel so as not contribute to any excess moisture in the terrine which would make it soggy.

No soggy terrines here…

The vegetables are then layered into a baking dish with a mousse made from pureed chicken breasts and eggs, herbs and crème which when done is gently baked in a water bath in a steamy oven.

The finished product looks pretty yummy and is served with a fresh tomato coulis…

Last but not least a smoked eel and salmon terrine with crème and herbs.
The preparation begins with dissolving gelatin into boiled crème and herbs, potatoes are stirred in.

This mixture is layered into a terrine form alternating smoked salmon, smoked eel and caviar with the potatoe creme mixture. The terrine has been first lined with steamed cabbage leaves which helps hold it all together.

Slip it into the fridge cool as a cucumber... wait awhile and then slice it up…

Looks yummy n’est pas?


oreneta said...

oh wow....oh my oh my.

That looks sooooo yummy.

What did the twiglets do while you created these beauties?

oreneta said...

Hold on, why is the cook in the picture wearing only one glove? Woops, make that the CHEF in the picture? zut alors!

Beth said...

It certainly does look yummy. Puts tonight's dinner to shame. (Which isn't hard to do.)
When I read your blog - and Oreneta's - I really wish I loved to cook. Just don't see it happening.

sarah said...

It looks great! Almost to pretty to eat (note I said almost).

Dorky Dad said...

Is that even real? That doesn't look real. It looks like ... I don't know what it looks like, but it doesn't look like food. It's more like something I'd see at an art museum. What do you call that? OH ... ART!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Holy cow. Yeah, I'm with Beth. It definitely puts my dinner to shame.


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