Doomsday Rating

I wonder why they called them the dark ages…was it …DARK?

Do you think this period in our history will come to be known as the “Stormy Ages” or maybe the “Freakoid Weather Ages” or even the “Windy Ages”??

In any case continuing with the theme…I have an idea.

I think the Global Committee for Climate Change (GCCC) should establish a criterion for every single thing on the planet that is either manufactured or sold.

Let’s call it a “Doomsday Rating” (or as anyone who knows my penchant for acronyms) a “DR”. (More to be found
HERE). The GCCC would evaluate the potential of every product currently available to consumers and the steps taken to produce that product in light of harmful effects to the environment. So every product label or box would have a great big BLACK number on it from 1-10.

Something with a DR of “0” would be something manufactured that is utterly benign. Like for example …*ummmm*.....sayaaa…*scratch*???....*huh*…is there anything?
Anyway…(whatever) the particular method of manufacture would be so unobtrusive and pure that there utterly lacks any potential to harm anything let alone change weather patterns.

A DR of “10” would mean that it is so filthy bad for the world, the ozone layer and global warming you might just as well take a great big rocket launcher and punch a huge h*nkin hole right through the stratosphere. Like say… automobiles, wheat, sugar, every single thing we EAT… bleach, (according to my source
DD) beef , paper, every single thing we WEAR…toilet paper, gasoline, every single thing we READ… cardboard, milk, dump trucks, every single thing we DRIVE, Pam, transatlantic flights, every single thing we DO, body odor, Jerry Springer…sorry I digress to just plain old bad things…

I mean I guess there must be SOME middling ground around in there with the odd DR of 5 or so…

I am especially sure underdeveloped nations will be right on the bandwagon with this one as I know environmental pollution is right at the top of their agendas…

Anyhow…Don’t ya think?

Then the scared folks like me will actually KNOW if what we buy is good for the planet or not so those of us who care can put our money where our mouths are.

That’s gotta help some no?


Beth said...

Fabulous idea - it's the implementation that'll be tough. And there will still be lots of people who would buy a product with a rating of 10 - no matter what. (But perhaps with a tad more guilt?)
But you know what's great? You are really thinking about this topic. You don't sound so scared...

Dorky Dad said...

I don't want to know what the Doomsday Rating on my underpants would be. Probably pretty high.

And I do believe it was pretty dark in the dark ages ... no electricity and all that.


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