Whenever I finish typing something I always have this little pile of letters, punctuation marks and spaces left over at the end that I must erase.

Sort of like the the scraps of cloth left on the floor after a sewing project or what ends up in my dustpan after cleaning under the kids dresser; bits of bunnydust, broken Lego parts and Polly Pocket shoes.

Even like the extra little bits of leftover pastry from making a pie.

There must be a name for this collection of verbal flotsam and jetsam I end up with, maybe even a hidden purpose??

I hope that in erasing them I am doing the right thing and that they are not some Davinci-code-esq message from deep within my consciousness meant to simplify (or further complicate) my life, or god forbid a message from someone...

(egads...never even thought about that.)

Maybe there is a way to save them and use them later.... (No, I did not just watch the Beautiful Mind...but what a great film no?)

Let's see...

Alphagloop...(noooo...... too sticky)

Punctalitero...(hmmm too Latin)

Stuccoperiodo...(too much like Beth's most embarrassing things list plus too Italian)

I know...."Extrillius punctuatum" "EP" for short.


Boy I REALLY do need a life...


oreneta said...

I don't get extrillius punctuatum. what am I doing wrong? Is it possible to have EP envy? Could I fake it like this??;.'';,,.l

Nomad said...

Chortle snuck...

Ya but ..I could tell you faked it...

(I'll TRY to teach you...but you might have to be hopelessly dyslexic AND a wildly bad typist with fat fingers like myself)



Anonymous said...

Trish here...

I'd go for the Alphagloop or "AG" for short.

LOL the things you come up with!

Dorky Dad said...

I believe these marks ARE a hidden code. They're telling you to send Dorky Dad lots of money.

eva said...

you need to write that book!!!!!!

Nomad said...

Eva...is that so I can shut the h*ll up and stop writing stupid cr*p like this or you actually think I might have a chance?

(to self...what would I ever write aobut??)

PS is "" there yet?
Waiting with baited breath...
(update required...)

diva eva said...

oh come on! You can write a story about two women in their twenties, and the crazy life they had together.
Hmmmm, wait this sounds familar!


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