Well.... we are almost ready to dive into the VORTEX of Christmas entertaining...

I love it. Parties every night (here) until Xmas and then off to Scotland for 5 days to see cousin W and then my mom comes for 2 weeks (YAY!)...seriously!!

WE are amazingly prepared at this point, TBG did the beverage run today, just finished the last bit of baking and wrapping ... final grocery shop and clean tomorrow maybe time for the red toes (the Diva is here for the holidays...if only she would stop eating so much pastry...)

Oh my aching back....but it will all be soooo yummy.

Nothing I love better than a pile of hungry mouths to feed...

I wish you all much

LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS, have a wonderful holiday and see you all in 2007!!!


Karitown said...

Wow, you have a busy holiday. Have a great one and an awesome new year. See you in 07!

oreneta said...

Have a great time, kiss them all the little ones for me, and a big hug to you and TBG. Love Peace and Happiness to you to.


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