"The Impossible Dream" aka (No I'm not bitter...Why?)

OK I lied.

I am still here stealing a few minutes to myself on the old Boodoo...(what my son used to call it when he was really little..)

I have decided that the Union (the SAHM Union that is) needs to take a different approach next year at Xmas. I think that all the Per-Xmas duties should be divided up equally between all family members.

Somethig like this...

The 3 year old's could be in charge of all candles and all pre-Xmas baking and stuffing the turkey.

The 6 year old's could be in charge of the bar.

Teenagers could be responsible for all the normal household duites that go rank in the business of Noel, laundry, pre party cleaning, dusting... setting the table just so...

The family pet could be in charge of hauling out and sorting all the decorations and the aviary members can decide where it goes and put it all up.

The inlaws can take down and put away all the decorations well after their bellies have been filled with food the toddlers have cooked.

Male Spouses could be in charge of anything that involves list making, multi-tasking or planning ahead.

Mom's could just play catch up, relax this year and not obsess about all the little details trying to make everyone's Christmas perfect!!.


Beth said...

What a switch from your post of yesterday! And I thought you were so organized, calm, full of Christmas joy, etc.
Welcome to my world. I love the way you think.

Nomad said...

...Well a Gemini after all...

One sort of hits the Xmas-Prep-Wall No?


I have been slowly coming to the conclusion that I have been just generally working a little too hard at this ...(what else is new??)(another OCD individual!! we could start a club...ahhh fodder for another post..)

(brightening)...BUT have a GREAT Christmas!!

Attila The Mom said...

Sounds like a brilliant plan! I love it!

Hope you have a very warm and happy holiday!

Beth said...

Hey! I found you somewhere else!!!

I agree....shall we start pushing for this now...by next year, maybe it will happen!

Whose back is that anyway?


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