So I am back from my weekend treatment in Chicago and one more trip in December. Must say getting the hang of the short hop thing and actually slept on the plane, except for the stewardesses taking off my kneecaps with the beverage cart a few times. I almost think they do it on purpose when you are sleeping to eek revenge for having to wait on you hand and foot for 9 straight hours at 30,000 feet. Whatever.

So as some of you may know and some may not after 16 years of back pain I finally had a diagnosis last summer of sprained inter connective ligament tissue in my back (think overstretched elastics that hold all your bones together). Not a whole lot of treatment available but the condition causes all sorts of chronic pain and degenerative bone disease which can lead to arthritis. I have had to stop all physical activity, exercise and was having a difficult time walking, lifting (my kids) etc and was loosing the ability to do lots of things at an alarming rate.

PROLOTHERAPY was recommended to me by a sports Med doc in Toronto so I did some research and found Dr. Hauser at caring medical in Chicago who is a pioneer of the 50 year old technique. If you are interested you can read about it and him on his website caringmedical.com He and his team treat a wide variety of areas of the body arising from this common condition.

My personal progress has been very good with a marked decrease in my over all pain levels. He even things I should be able to pick up my running shoes again, maybe by the summer next year. I am feeling very optimistic and hopeful that my life, activity and energy level will be back to normal soon.

Thanks for reading , I wanted to share this for any one else like me who has suffered for many years that there may be a treatment for you or someone you know for undiagnosed chronic pain.

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A said...

I'm thinking of trying prolotherapy on my knee! I'm glad to hear Prolotherapy is working for you-I was starting to think I've run out of solutions...and i'm only 24!


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