Keep the robe closed!!

My Friend (of 20 years or more) is here to visit for 10 days.

Her name is Eva, we used to call her the "Queen" and she lives in Chicago. She has not changed a particle and she makes me laugh just as much as she ever has though it been a very VERY long time.

I love that.

She asked me today if she was taking me away from anything I needed to do, and I said ...yes but that is the whole idea...no?

We have been meandering around the area, poking around, gladly not in too much of a hurry and enjoying some of the great food and wine Burgundy has to offer. My kids are feeling a little neglected ...but they will live while Mommy gets her "friend fix.

We started off at the Vittel Thermes for some "thallasso therapy". Think spa/public pool with a clinical theme park edge to it. The squeaky clean palladian spa centre had a bit of a bizarre feel what with all the "curistes" (therapists) wandering around its great concrete and glass labyrinths in lab coats, water sandals and plastic aprons. Not only was it co-ed (bizarre for us ever so conservative North Americans) but every Thomas, Pierre and Chantal with an illness or just simply the desire to get into a nice state of "DETENTE" were wandering around.

Yikes!! CLOSE that bathrobe would ja!!

Gee what EXACTLY are we in for here anyway...

We waited nervously for our first treatment with visions of some twisted sheet wielding Saturday Night Live Mathilde the Masseuse dancing in our heads.

I must confess it did not take very long to thoroughly RELAX our reservations as we were sprayed, oiled and watered in every combination imaginable inside turquoise cubicles, blue tubs and on plastic tables (even though I must admit to a few giggle fits as those water blasts do come from the most UNEXPECTED directions...).


After 5 different treatments with the healing waters of Vittel I would have to say I AM a convert ... though new to us uncultured North Americans it was pure heaven!!

And yes...No problem about keeping the robe closed!

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Anonymous said...

European spas are so different. I remember going to one in Germany where we drank sulphr waters which were sp digusting, yet people were chugging it. I'm glad you've got your friend visiting. It's so nice to be able to share your experiences with someone first hand. Enjoy!


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