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I, as some of you may or may not know, have just spent 10 days with a very old friend from the days before I gave up my career and body to have children, my “other life”. My friends name is Eva and we met at the beginning of my career in Fashion 20 (awk) years ago.

We worked together, we rowed together, we used to go out endlessly clubbing together till all hours, we shopped together and generally goofballed around.

It was so much fun.

Eva is now the Head of Wardrobe for a big theatrical production company in a mid western US city and even thought she says she hates her job I think it must still be good to be feeling all those opulent fabrics and keeping a hand in there.

Eva is a true diva, she has an inimitable style that she is as comfortable in as her own skin. She has great clothes and she wears them so well, always looking smashingly well heeled and beautifully turned out.

It was so great to spend time with her but…OMG…I was SO jealous.

Seeing Eva so fabulously glam made me remember those days. The days when my body was toned and lean, my skin was polished, hair and nails done, toes pedicured, designer clothes and bags, shoes…underwear even, plus an always waxed bikini line (just in case…).>
Red lipstick (that I never worried about smudging on my little ones plump fleshy colored cheeks) and always eyeliner top lid only, high heels (that are utterly impractical for grocery shopping) and sexy sheer hose (that would surely snag on Lego) not too mention seductive fragrances (that would definitely plug up little sinuses).

Man it felt great, I felt great.

It’s not like I don’t like my life now, I LOVE it, I so love being with my kids, knowing everything last little thing about them. I wouldn’t miss even a minute particle of it for even a millisecond…
r>But I mean really, the flooby belly, jeans and T shirts (that used to smell like spit up but now, though clean, are a little pilly under the arm pits) the scaley toes, scratchy legs that have not seen a razor in moons, not too mention the chicken skin...yikes

Where oh where has MY inner diva gone??


Trish said...

**phew** I feel like I need to go take a cold shower!

Did I just say that out loud?


Nomad said...


eva said...

you are still beautiful, stylish, funny, sexy, and full of life. I was so jealous of you and how together you have your life! I loved spending each and every minute with you. I still wish I was you!
xo eva
aka: the queen

Sarah said...

I know how you feel, maybe you need another spa getaway (hint hint)!

But heels or no heels, shaved legs or not, I think you are great and still a diva!

Dorky Dad said...

But isn't life great when you DON'T have to spend 57 hours getting ready for your average day?

Nomad said...

Hey Sarah you are so sweet...

Eva the Queen!! It was so fun talking about all the crazy things we did no??

DD...Ha I wish, as any seasoned Diva knows it is 0-60 FULL-SPEED-GLAM in 10 minutes or less and for me NOW it's closer to 57 hours...ughh!!
Thanks for dropping by


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