Elbow Buzz

Sometimes I am sure I am a den mother to a pair of little raccoons...you know little hands, fiddling, grabbing,stealing, hiding...

At lunch today I was musing to Riel that it is amazing that no one has invented a mechanism to "help" kids keep their elbows off the table. It would be so simple, a pressure sensitive pad linked up to an enormous and blisteringly loud buzzer, that would sound incessantly whenever the offending elbow(s) hit the table and would not let up until the owner of the OE (offending elbows) contritely apologized and promised never to do it again. NO??

Riel thought for a moment, I think he actually though it was a pretty neat idea, and then remarked might it not just be better to put little individual buzzers on each elbow....???

Now your talkin...


Trish said...

I wonder if perhaps there is a market for a "chewing with mouth open" alarm which is my personal most despised pet peeve.

Maybe Riel could help brainstorm that one too.

traveller one said...

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