Russian Doll

My kitchen…these days it is like a Russian Babushka doll.
I have to move something in/out of something else in order to do almost anything…

You know?

It is driving me crazy. It is sooo tiny.
And though The Big Guy (TBG) (bless his heart) tries hard, it seems as though I am the only one who can figure out the Rubix cube of combinations to get everything BACK in ok…. like the very worst Tupperware drawer you ever had but exponentially…
With counter space the size of your doormat.

See what I mean!!!

Our stove is currently working on only 2 burners and I don't think I can have more than 2 food groups in my fridge at once(and they would have to know one another or else they will start squabbling...)it is so tiny. God forbid I have some "Fermier" cheese in there...but for the smell!!

What really astounds me is how the French turn out these amazing meals with a kitchen the size a walk in closet...

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Trish Ryan said...

I just watched a show on how big chefs have these teeny little kitchens at home. I think the secret to their fabu meals is culinary school, and a wife and kids to clean up after them.


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