Little known facts about the Nomad

Little known facts about the Nomad

I have been up to base camp at Mount Everest.


I was kicked off he cheerleading squad in 9th grade because in the words of the coach I was to “Klutzy”

Ouch then but huge chuckle now…

I gave birth to both my children naturally and with no pain killers.

Ouch then and Ouch now… (remembering…)

I completely wired the basement apartment in our first house...like completely …from bare walls to electrical plan to complete installation to approved by an electrician.

Cool No?

I kicked a seriously misbehaving boyfriend out of my car on the way to a New Years Eve party in the middle of a small town miles from anywhere on the way up North, and never looked back.

Smartest thing I ever did.


Trish said...

Omg...you're HERE!!

This is totally cool. Can't wait to keep reading :-)

Trish said...

So...is that YOUR back...or a sculpture?

Swishy said...

You kicked him out of the car?! AND you gave birth naturally?? You are my new hero!

Trish Ryan said...

Note to self: Do NOT mess with Nomad!!!

Welcome to blogworld :)

Bina said...

Yea! You kicked him out. That's better than just leaving him somewhere and never going back. I mean, like a store or something. I'd be afraid he would hunt me down and kill me!

Welcome to blog world! And yes, that IS a tiny kitchen!

Sarah said...

VERY cool!!


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