Welll...so my orientation week has begun and for those of you who do not know..

My adoring readers (high sarcasm) I have been accepted at Parson's Paris to complete a fine art degree.

The first few days have been, well lets just say LESS than scintillating, and I must confess, I am really wondering what I am doing there, this morning. Being a mature adult amongst freshman, while I thought would not pose much of a challenge...just might after all.

Have not had my first day yet of classes, and academic advising begins today.

So...here's HOPING that there are a few mature students in and amongst my group.
The head of the department did not show up for our welcome lecture yesterday...

After all this effort, moving, changes of schools, jobs and uprooting of lives...that was CRUSHING....

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Trish said...

*woot* you're online again! I love the new redesigned blog and updates. It will be so cool to follow along in your scholastic and artistic journey :)


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