Ahhh ...

That's better!

My first class today...a great painting class with only 12 people...
Looks good, a little more traditonal than I might like...but that's ok...for now.

I have a self portrait due by next Wednesday...in oil..


The last one I did took me about 6 months!


AND...Oreneta...I must draw every day...



oreneta said...


I'd love to hear your assignments as you go along, I could echo some, which might be cool......self-portrait by Wed, huh? Do they require a style? Realism or what?

Trish said...

Congratulations on your first day! (Actually by now it's your first week) It's all so exciting. I bet you'll just fall into a routine and never look back. And as for those teenagers? they WISH they had half the talent and wisdom that you do ;)


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