Spinning crazy

So sucked up by my life right now it feels like it has been FOREVER since I have had a quiet moment to reflect, you know that head spinney feeling you get when your eyes have hard time resting in one spot, and it feels impossible to sit down because you have been moving and doing so incessantly?


Snapshot of my week...TBG is away for 2 weeks, so I did an insane cleanup of the house, I am one of those anal (or handicapped) folks who can't think straight if surrounded by chaos... so perhaps also a bug effort to clear my mind...for the nutty week ahead.

As the idea girl and for any of you who know me you will know this is true, I am incapable of doing anything in a straightforward fashion...always way too complicated and complex...ugh...and never really done as there is always another idea...gotta work on that...

It is the last month of school so have been busy with class parties and class scrapbooks, volunteer mentoring, volunteer teaching.... and blah blah blah... home room mom activities...I tried hard to not over commit, but as usual I am up to my ears....big breath...OH and the little guy got bitten by a tick yesterday and though he is fine we also had to make an impromptu trip to the Docs to have the little creatures decapitated head extricated from his calf... BIG UGH...

Gotta get to work on the happy list...and stick to it...

I have been at the at studio 3 days each week and am doing lots of neat things started a new drawing classes ...but really looking forward next week to a bit of a breather...

OH and I MADE A DRESS YESTERDAY....with no pattern...felt good to be wielding scissors and chopping my way through fabric... Hey THAT IS on my happy list...miss TBG



Beth said...

Good to "hear" from you.
You don't have to work on that Happy List - you're sounding quite happy with life just as it is.

Anonymous said...

Time in the studio sounds heavenly!

Being busy is good but *sheesh* it gets overwhelming sometimes doesn't it?

We're going to have to work on that complicated stuff with you . . . you've been in Germany too long; they like doing things the hard way over there.

When are you coming home anyways? We have world problems to solve and bottles of wine to empty!

oreneta said...

I don't know how I missed this post, or the other...can we see a picture of the dress????


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