Virtual Age and Life expectancy..this is cool!!

OOoooh Man,

I knew it.... I am practically still a toddler , my virtual age is 7.8 (HA!!) and I will live to be 101.

I LOVE that!

Check it out, try it out!

I wonder how smart I will be by then, or if I will just be a toothless bag of drool...



Beth said...

I should NEVER have done that test right now! (Think back to some of the questions...)
Oh, well - my life expectancy is pretty darn good - but not as good as yours!
And how the heck did you get down to 7.8 for a virtual age???

oreneta said...

Your still a babe, I only got to 7.9..my affinity for risk threw me off....that is one very unhealthy looking woman in that pic...


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