The View from my Kitchen window

Lynda over at Lulu's Bay is doing a MEME about what you see out of your kitchen window.

I must confess I tried really hard to make this shot a little more interesting, and I must confess I could NOT! Don't have so very much to work with, though having said that, I CAN see the steeple of the local Monastery on the edge of the horizon, which is very cool, and even though they are just sticks and branches now, I do have two lovely yellow and pink rose bushes which grace my view with bloom's from May to October.

The only thing missing from this view is the sign on the window that says
"Why the Feck am I doing dishes again!!!"


oreneta said...

Mmmm, though the hot pants I can se out my window are entrancing, I think I still prefer your view...

Lynda said...

So do you look out the front of your house? February in Germany is not much fun... but it is still greener than mine. Cheers Lynda

Anonymous said...

Ahh looks like spring time to me. Everything outside my kitchen window is still covered in a blanket of ice and snow.


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