Quick update from me...

PTA meeting this week and am volunteering for the Christmas celebration to do all the decorations, sounds fun (a little boring) so dug through the musty backstage to day with another volunteer and watched out for skunks...smelt like skunk down there. WE will decorate a large entry area with an Xmas tree etc etc, and Ries grade 2 class will have a cookie booth.

Started with physio for my back so heat and massage 2X per week, HEAVEN. It is good but still not perfect and I have curtailed Jazz dancing for a while, and want to do some serious strengthening first. I have the machine set up in the bedroom with my computer, a TV card in it so I can watch CNN with headphones while the kids sleep while ...FITNESS HAPPENS HERE!!! *BIG BOOMING VOICE*...I took me 3.5 years to get this set up...can you believe it!
I am happy...

TBG is around for almost 2 months, !!!!! so very nice. I feel like with all the stress of the last months the move and the insane pace of the last few months we are getting reconnected which is a very good thing.

Riel and TBG have built a model boat which R is very very excited about and they pan to have it's maiden voyage this weekend...a Canadian coast guard boat no less! photos to follow at Unlikely Nomad..

We had a Halloween party this week for the kids at school with parent volunteers, it was great, the kids were totally silent when they entered the decorated room but were soon bopping around to Rock Lobster...good fun.

Still working out and trying to limit the calories....curses...the more I try not to think about food the more I want it!!! ...and the scale has not budged!! CURSES!!

We are trying to save some money so will be using "Betty Spaghetti" less and shortening our anniversary weekend away to an evening or afternoon out. *Bummer*

We thought as a challenge we could try to celebrate without spending a penny??? Any one have any good ideas?


oreneta said...

sex is cheap.

I can't believe I typed that....

it's true though.

diva eva said...

afternoon out to lunch, evening in bed.
I think you get the picture, so does oreneta

Beth said...

Fitness is going to be happening around here pretty darn soon. When the boys recently created their "bachelor pad" in the basement they relegated my treadmill machine to a corner where I'd hit my head on the ceiling while using it.
Now that the cold weather has arrived, IT WILL BE MOVED!


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