Finally Here...

Well… we are here, finally AND with a phone and internet connection.

Talk about head scratching, trying to figure out how to hook up a modem
A) In a different country and
B) In a different language…German.

Finally we had to get a techy to come in to help us, and he successfully (after L asked me twice in loud clear English why exactly he was SO FAT mommy….) managed to get us up and running. Hopefully he was out of earshot…*Cringe*

We flew to Canada for a week while the movers did their stuff, and so I could get some work done on our old house, which is still without tenants and sitting sad and empty. (Ugh) I had visions of spending a week in the garden getting dirt under my fingernails flirting with blue jays and hungry robins but after one look inside the house with my mom we decided that our time would be better spent giving it a thorough once over. We restored miles of oak trim, washed all 35 windows, gave the kitchens and bathrooms a good spanking, and restored all the maple floors. By the time we left it, it gleamed and it smelt good too.

On my very last night working late in the house as I mopped I could hear loud metal clanging like an anvil adjusting the rusty monolithic boiler that still sits lurking in a dark corner of our basement, now defunct, cold and empty it sits with its door less openings black and gaping. I can only assume our resident ghost was busy stoking up the fire for the night as I heard the creak of the back stairs 15 minutes later and the floor boards sigh above me as he settled into his phantom bed.


oreneta said...

aaaoh, I am so glad you've landed...how is the place. Sorry your house is sad and empty...it's very strange going back to it isn't it....

How are the kids doing?

I've been thinking of you tons and tons...

sarah said...

So glad to read you again!

Glad you made it and are finally connected. I remember how it was trying to get tech support in a different country/language. It can be frustrating to say the least!

Re your house: at least you know you left it in good shape, ghost and all!

H has been talking about L a lot lately. She's going to be 5 this week. AAAAHHH - when did that happen?

Can't wait to hear about Germany.

Beth said...

So glad you're "back" in the blog world.
Looking forward to reading about "Nomad's Adventures in Germany."
(I live vicariously...)

Anonymous said...

Germany!! Woo Hoo

And I love that L she's just says it like it is. Huh, three year-olds :)

Dorky Dad said...

Ohh ... Du hast guten schuhe?

I think that asks, "you have good shoes?"

I took German in high school. I can't remember a thing except "Ich bin ein links schuhe." (I am a left shoe.)

Nomad said...

Hi O,
The house is awesome, not old and creaky like we like, but bright fairly modern and very GERMAN. (!!)
Fab fab fab for us and the kids, we had then knock a big hole in between 2 rooms so now we have a HUGE kitchen dining room with a big *ss table and a big cupboard full of work for the kids. It is great and faces a big range of low lying hills. Now to add our Casa activities,flower arranging, polishing, snack preparation...plant care these are my next 4 things to try to add, I have to find all the stuff Suggestions re activites?

Hi Sarah!! Yes, OMG 5!!! WOW, hope it is a great one!!

Hey DD LOL and good to see you, yeah, you ARE a left shoe aren't you!! *cryptic but with a smile...*

Patti said...

Glad to see you survived the move. I had a similar experience with my 3rd born boy C. While walking to his kindergarten class, we passed a well endowned woman and he said "Mummy, that woman has huge breasts!" There was no question about her having heard the comment as she said to me later, "As soon as I lose some weight, I'm going to have a breast reduction" (Cringe and hide under a playgroud structure)

Great book for your book list.
Carol Drinkerwater "the Olive Farm".
It's the first in a trilogy. (Carol Drinkwater was the original Helen in All Creatures Great and Small)
Love ya P.


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