Ostrich or Buddha??

I really want to get past this...life is too short don't you think?

I hate wasting my life in any form of angst...so trying to move on and approaching things from another perspective as opposed to the downward vortex of frustration is likely a good idea...no?

It comes to my mind like many of the cheesy forwards we get about Carpe Diem and all that cr*ap that we really do need to appreciate the day and at the end of it all it really is our attitude that makes the difference.

So even if it is bugging the h*ll out of me...if I just ignore it it'll go away... right?


There must be more to it than that...


Karitown said...

Hang in there. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am only just now catching up with your posts...

It reminds me of me when I lived in NC and my parents and inlaws would come and visit. I would look forward to seeing them and catching up on old news but within 24 hours I was ready for them to leave. It was just so so hard to be "on" for everybody all the time. Sometimes I would just go into my room, close the door and sit on my bed just to have some personal space.

Don't feel bad for ranting it will help you sort things out. And as for attitude? You have one of the best ones of anyone I know...seriously! Don't be embarrassed, you're human.

Beth said...

Other people shape our attitudes toward them, so I don't see you being able to change yours. I also don't see how you can possibly ignore "it" so that "it" will go away.
Your frustration is justified. Just keep telling yourself that it will be over - soon, I hope.
And remember, lots of us have been "there," have gone through the "angst." It will end and you'll love yourself again!

oreneta said...

Nomad: Keep trying to post over here, it never lands. With you on this one, seems pretty justified. Rudeness is bloody irritating no matter what.

Seems like a pretty normal response to me.

Sarah said...

Finally able and have time to get online...
Sorry things are a little crazy for you. I can relate to your frustration, we just spent 4 days with Al's sis and family and then 3 days with my family, in between painting, unpacking and cleaning. It was nice to see everyone but hard when battling jet lag and constantly tripping over boxes. Hang in there. This too shall pass!
It's good to be back, but it's soooo much work. We miss you!

Dorky Dad said...

I think that it does help to have a good attitude, but many situations make it much harder to have that good attitude.

Or something. Good luck!


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