No more Speculating

So it is finalized, we ARE moving to Germany.

Huuuuughhh. Sort of anticlimactic I must confess, but we are excited nevertheless.

TBG signed his contract on the 24th of December and now everyone is all hurry up and to get us there as TBG is commuting to northern Germany (imagine???). It has been over a year and a half since the first whiffs of this change hit the wind. (like y'all couldn't have gotten your act in gear a LITTLE bit sooner??) Chalk it up to the speed of corporate change I guess...

Lessons learned

1) Don't talk about it until it is a reality.

2) Don't think about it until it is a reality.

Nuff said. Drove myself and everyone around me crazy speculating.

Spent the last two days there on a crazed mission to decide on a school and look at some houses.

Ok so in two days you want to me to decide my entire life for the next 3-5 years????



oreneta said...

It is good that you finally KNOW at least. Hurry up and wait, although I guess you had to wait and then hurry up....Are you looking forward to Germany as a country to live in? You are going to be so multilingual and cosmopolitan. Like you weren't already, but anyway. Glad it's settled a bit. Did you get the house?

Beth said...

You're a trooper...what an exciting life. (And glad you are excited.)

Re: "Don't talk or think about it until it is a reality."

Think you can really do that? I'm hardwired for fretting and worrying in advance. Sometimes (okay, rarely) it helps me get things done.

oreneta said...

Yeah, I'm with Beth, and you didn't drive me crazy with all the speculating, but I don't getto see you as much as I'd like. AAaarrgh.


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