I love my family.... I really do!!!

Sorry abut the lapse….hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year!!

We are back form our week in Glasgow and had a great time with the theatre and museums, very impressive and super kid friendly.

Just a half day to catch our collective breath, admittedly bad planning on the part of the travel agent (that would be me and yes note to self made for next time) when my mom and Step Dad have arrived for 10 FUN-FILLED days.

Sooo….Why is it that I spend a full year pining for my family to visit and when they do finally arrive I turn into the freakin-freako-control-bitch-from-hell-who can’t wait to get a moment to herself?

Mom is a very small slight woman who is effusive and cheery and fun to be around and can accomplish ANYTHING if and when she sets her mind to it. Mostly nice to have around and only sometimes in a Jack Russel terrier sort of way.

Step Father (aka the paperweight) VERY tall and skinny lurking sort, seldom makes eye contact, only if in confrontation, well educated, lets it be known, no obvious social attributes, a complete mystery to me what my Mom ses in him...

Maybe it is because once they have arrived in the middle medieval France where we live, they do not want to go FREAKIN-ANYWHERE or do ANYTHING-AT-FREAKIN-ALL except sit in my living room for hours on end?

Maybe it's because then I get to sit by and watch my children alternately climb-the-walls/ beat each other to a pulp/ annoy the hell out of everybody in our too small house while they go silently or not so silently FREAKIN-CRAZY from boredom and lack of activity?

Maybe it is because while my parnets are sitting around not wanting to go FREAKIN-ANYWHERE they are actually waiting to be FREAKIN-FED all the time?

OR..wait...maybe it is because they are on a special high-need-special-salt-free-fat-free-food-free FREAKIN-DIET that we can’t actually go FREAKIN-ANYWHERE to eat anything other then what I FREAKIN-COOK?


Is it a simple law of nature that step parents and step children are destined to despise one another? I love my mom to bits, we get on so well, but my Step Dad well…I feel like he resents my relationship with my Mom, that he actually does not really like my kids, and in the end I am actually not so sure why he really comes at the end of the day. We lost my Dad when I was still a teenager and my Mom is very happily remarried to him and of this I am very happy, as it could be really hard for her to be alone. My O-M-Goodness… My step dad and I are like oil and water. I can feel his dislike of me clinging to the air like a bad smell. He seems to think he is graced with kingship, sits and waits to be served, fed entertained whatever…never says please or thank you, never offers to pitch in a hand or help, knows EVERY-FREAKIN-THING…oh my god it drives me simply crazy.

I know that if I rock the boat I will get to see my mom less so …what to do?



Karitown said...

Wow, that's tough. Dealing with him sounds like a pain in the ass, but your mom sounds like she's worth the effort. Good luck and hang in there.

Beth said...

Hope your Mom and step-dad aren't computer literate. If they read your blog, you're problem is solved!
I get uptight and crazy with extended family visits. I think it's the (tremendous) effort and strain of trying to be nice and upbeat for so long. So not me.
Your kids are a great excuse to GET OUT of the house. Just leave with them. Sounds like your mom would understand and who cares if your step-dad does? You need a break from him.
You're right. You can't rock the boat re: your relationship with him so do whatever you can to get away for a break.
As for the constant cooking - I feel your pain. It would kill me.

Anonymous said...

Quit your FREAKIN-COMPLAINING....I survive through the same FREAKIN-BS...sans the blood relations.




Nomad said...

Karitown, yeah, my Mom is great and she is definately worth the effort, and re the sitution yes definately a PITA (Pain in the Ass)(G*d I love anachronyms...) thanks for the luck...

Beth...Yeah I'm just not that good at faking it either...(and I guess just not that nice!!). But the venting really helped and we did finally manage to drag them out for a walk. **PHEW** Yeah it kills me for sure, but what can you do? Grin and bear it...That which does not kill you (or someone else) makes you stronger (right??) We have also decided some enforced excursions are in order so hey, I guess I should lighten up a bit...No?

TBG...yeah you're a trooper... that's for sure...

oreneta said...

I hear ya... commented before on this post. Doesn't seem to have landed. Glad your back. Glad you got a walk in.

Dorky Dad said...

You know, you're only acting the same way any other adult child far away from their parents does: pine for them, then push them out the door as soon as they arrive. It's a RULE. You're only following the rules. Your kids will do the same thing to you.

Unless, that is, they live close to you. Then they won't call.

Nomad said...

Thanks for the support guys...

Hey DD...I thought you were into VW pects and stuff...

How did you get to sage anyway...??

Food for thought...you mean I'm not destined for a straight jacket and shrinks chair??


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