Six Top Weird things about the Nomad

Since I got tagged by DD as well as CHC I will add a few "Extra"...

Topping the list

1) I have a Tattoo on my ass of a caricature of a lady banana with big red lips and a fruit hat from my old CB radio days when my handle was “Chiquita Banana”.

2) I have a shoulder piercing in which I wear a opalescent glass ring with a tether so TBG and I can play “guilt “games.

3) I always wear two pairs of underwear...at the same time…just in case…

4) I am obsessed with Maltesers and order them by the case on the internet and stash them…again…just in case.

5) I have doubled jointed big toes and can touch my little toes to my big ones and rub them together. (Feels good right before I go to sleep...)

6) I like to collect my shaved leg hair and keep them with the ashes of my cremated cat.


Ok... Ok.... so I am not anywhere nearly as interesting or kinky as I wish I was...*sigh*


1) Top of the list for sure …I don’t really think there is anything weird about me…(sort of sums it up to those who know me…)…no? yet...hmmmm ...wait.....

2) I brush my teeth in the shower. All the steps every day, brush once with toothpaste, once with baking soda, floss and rinse with peroxide.

3) I am a little bit of a germ freak…hate to touch anything on public transit and whenever I get home from anywhere the first thing I do is wash my hands.

4) Obsessively compulsive (in a "Mommy Dearest" kind of way) re visual details…everything you name it plus there needs to be two of everything.

5) I don’t let my kids play in public play-places as they are filled with kid snot and other ambiguous children's microbe laden body fluids etc refer to point #3.

6) Hopelessly dyslexic please forgive stupid spelling errors.

7) I am a potential junky (not like someone who has the potential to be a junky but someone addicted to potential) (TBG says…noooo…that would be junk collector) … yes me....loves something old, broke or dusty (even smelly) infinitely better than something new … I love it, sort of like a dog, if I can figuratively pee somehow on it will be immensely improved.

Ha!! So there you have it...right from the horses mouth...

Now since I am a Blogging neophyte and half my list is all of you guys I will only tag one.. Oreneta...


oreneta said...

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO He already got me and I've spent hours finding blogs I've never read before and harrassing them with tags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trish said...

That first list? Too funny....ewww

The second list is more like the nomad I know...that freakiness over germs? Yeah that's me too.

oreneta said...

Was that "ass" the inauguration of the new rude, crude nomad?

Dorky Dad said...

Now ... which list was the fake list? I enjoyed List No. 1. I'll call that one the real one.

Karitown said...

Very funny. Loved your list.

Nomad said...

Sorry Orenta...since you seem to be up and runing in faster than record speed I didn't think you would mind...In my case I was so primed to communicate this way I just did not know it until it happened...ya know??

CHC-Gee I'm glad you liked it...like most of my ideas came to me when I was drifting off to sleep with my kids...let's see gee can't think of anything wierd...sooo hey let's create... re the germ thing I knew we were friends for a reason...

Orenta again re Ass...see newest post...

DD hmmmm Glad you "enjoyed" it...hey go with it... !!

KT did you do a list already?
If not I tag you too!!


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