Too Many Straws

Just took my third German lesson today…ever get that little crick feeling in your brain like something has just broken? Man, I thought French was difficult.
My teacher is very kind, not what I would have expected (what did I expect?), soft spoken and sweet. She us suggesting I do 30 minutes of German a day.…I hope this is not the straw that broke the camels back.

Why does it seem that there is never enough time in the day to fit it all in??

I have a pile of junk on my desk the size of the Acropolis. A pile in the laundry room equally as big if not bigger, plus ironing (the French are insane about this will have to elaborate another time…), not too mention the piles I just barely keep at bay in my kids room, the kitchen and elsewhere in the house.

Is it just me??


oreneta said...

Ooooooo but think, the possiblility of being tri-lingual looms ahead. My lack of linguistic skill is to some extent a source of embarassment....especially over here where people with 5 languages are not exactly uncommon. It'll help to keep the crazies away when your old to keep using the old noggin like this.

Nomad said...

Such a nice feeling that you are on the same continent.
a)If I and my worn brain survive that long.
b)I was planning to keep them away with a stick...
Hope your day is great, I am heading off the the market are you?

sarah said...

No it's just not you. I am an expert at piling. I can't remember the time I didn't have piles of something somewhere! And yes, I think my brain "cricked" about my 3rd month in France. Some days I don't think it has "uncricked"! Good luck with the German. It is very cool that you are going to be tri-lingual.

Nomad said...

Hey...Could be YOU too!!



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